Road Map

    ADRIA_Alliance “ADRIAtic cross-border ALLIANCE for the promotion of energy efficiency and climate change adaptation”

    Start date: 01/07/20

    End date: 31/12/21

    Duration (months): 18

    Total budget:  € 684.874,75

    Number of partners: 7

    Partners: Union of Municipalities of Grecìa Salentina (LP); LAG Molise Towards 2000 (PP2); ESCOOP European Social Cooperative (PP3); Malesi and Madhe Municipality (PP4); Municipality of Tuzi (PP5); FEDERESCO Italian Association of ESCos (AP6); Ministry of Economy of Montenegro (AP7);


    ADRIA_Alliance addresses challenges contained in PA3, in particular in the SO 3.2. The general objective of the project is to transfer know-how finalized to enable Partners with effective strategic planning and an extended governance model for the whole territories, aimed at energy efficiency and to safety of cities from the risks generated by climate change, following the CoM initiative. Project outputs will be the set-up of innovative business models which will benefit from know-how transfer; start-up of innovative enterprises, which will benefit from capacity building and training activities aimed to trigger successful access and positioning in RES market (through earned high skills in energy efficiency interventions and in the production of energy from RES); the implementation of small pilot projects for the efficiency of Partners’ public buildings; triggering of local micro-networks (smart-grids), on public buildings, for energy and data exchange. Pilot interventions will exploit their financial and environmental potential, allowing start-ups to verify and demonstrate their technical and organizational skills implementing such pilot actions. At the end of the project, Partners will increase their awareness in relation to the final uses of energy, the measurement and monitoring of achieved results, and will benefit from the realization of specific adaptation plans, aimed at ensuring the safety of urban environments. Project will adopt a SMART approach that will be capable of involving citizens and enabling SMEs from different countries to interact with each other to create synergies, exchanges of knowledge and opportunities for mutual collaboration: such results can be generated only through a cross-border project. Further added value is the partnership composition, designed to allow the joint cooperation between LAs, research centers, production districts, expertise networks, to allow the transfer of experience and the adoption of SMART governance methodology.


    • WP – Preparation
    • WP – Management
      • Activity A.M.1 – Implementation of project management and communication tools (07.2020 – 12.2021)
      • Activity A.M.2 Project management meetings (07.2020 – 12.2021)
      • Activity A.M.3 Compilation and submission of reports (07.2020 – 12.2021)
      • Activity A.M.4 Monitoring and evaluation of the progress (07.2020 – 12.2021)
      • Activity A.M.5 Financial management (07.2020 – 12.2021)
      • Activity A.M.6 Risk management and contingency plan (07.2020 – 12.2021)
      • Activity A.M.7 Setting up of project governance structure (07.2020 – 12.2021)
      • Activity A.M.8 Project closure (01.2022 – 03.2022)
    • WP T1 –  Energy – Climate Change Strategy and Community’s Growth: SECAPs Development
      • Activity A.T1.1 Strategy development and signing of the Covenant and monitoring of existing SEAPs (07.2020 09.2020)
      • Activity A.T1.2 Baseline Emission Inventories in selected Municipalities and Climate Risk Vulnerability Assessment (10.2020 05.2021)
      • Activity A.T1.3 Participation process with citizens and local stakeholders (01.2021 06.2021)
      • Activity A.T1.4 SECAPs Finalisation (06.2021 12.2021)
    • WP T2 – AIDA training from research to production 
      • Activity A.T2.1 – Building-up Local Governance systems for implementation of municipal energy efficiency regulations (07.2020 06.2021)
      • Activity A.T2.2 ESCOs market strenghtening and identification of new management models (01.2021 12.2021)
    • WP T3 – Pilot demonstrative actions
      • Activity A.T3.1 GAL MOLISE Energy Community promotion (01.2021 – 12.2021) ;
      • Activity A.T3.2 MMM public building efficiency program (01.2021 – 12.2021)
      • Activity A.T3.3 MoT school efficiency program (01.2021 – 12.2021)
      • Activity A.T3.4 Smart School – a small energy measurement grid of UCGS school’s buildings (01.2021 – 12.2021)
      • Activity A.T3.5 Pilot Investments Review an Impact Evaluation (01.2021 – 12.2021)
    • WP – Communication
      • Activity A.C.1 Start-up activities (communications strategies) (07.2020 – 12.2021)
      • Activity A.C.2 Promotional material (01.2021 – 12.2021)
      • Activity A.C.4 Public Event(s) (01.2021 – 06.2021)

    Design Contribution:

    • Operational coordination of the project (start, implementation and closure)
    • Operational management of relations with the JS and Ma of the INTERREG IPA CBC Italy-Albania-Montenegro 2020 program
    • Operational management of relations with partners
    • Definition and management of project activities, participating where necessary in the planned project meetings
    • Legal and financial project management in its various phases
    • Financial management and definition of technical, financial and administrative documentation related to project reporting, ensuring the sending of project technical-financial reports via the EMS platform.
    • Support for the drafting of technical and financial reports, in accordance with the guidelines and formats provided by the JS and with the timing envisaged by the Interreg IPA CBC Italy-Albania-Montenegro 2014-2020 program

    For more information please contact: Mr Giorgio De Vitis []

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