Kick Off Meeting BioTourS Project

23 Novembre 2020

Partner project or responsible subcontractor: Jonian Dolphin Conservation (LP)

Deliverables Project: D.M. 1.1

Kick off meeting started 23th November at 09:00 am.

After registration, Mr. Fanizza (LP) greets and thanks all the participants of the Kick Off Meeting and in particular the Project partners.

After a brief announcement concerning the need to carry out the Kick Off Meeting in online mode due to the covid -19 emergency, introduces Dr. Fabrizio Manzulli, Municipality of Taranto, for the institutional greetings.

Mr Antonio Agrosì (JS) participates in the meeting who launches his presentation concerning the main errors committed in Interreg projects, the rules for eligibility of expenditure and the main types of costs.

After the presentation of Mr Antonio Agrosì, each partner introduces himself by illustrating his own characteristics and how to manage the WPs under his responsibility.

  • Mr. Carmelo Fanizza for JDC
  • Mr. Aleksandar Janičić for IEC
  • Mr. Alban Ajdini for AKT/NTA
  • Mr. Adolfo Colagiovanni for TERMOLI MUN.

In the second session there are:

  • Mrs Rosalia Miglietta (CNR) illustrating the technical aspects of the BioTours project in particular the WP T1 and WP T2;
  • Mr Giorgio De Vitis (UNICA) illustrating the WP M and WP C of the BioTourS Project, and providing the following main suggestions were:
  1. plan as much as possible in advance when and how to carry out the project actions,
  2. plan the timing of expenses to spend the money from the IPA pre-financing,
  3. monitor the timely release of the deliverables and
  4. share the development of activities among all partners through bi-monthly conference calls.

The Kick off Meeting ends at 16:00.

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@Copyright - UNICA - Photo Credits: Luigi Quarta